Last Updated 1/2020

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Recent Photos

Vanadium wire glowing during the hot filament CVD process​

V2O5 of varying stoichiometries

Recent News

  • Xinran presented her poster at the 2019 RPI CMDIS Research symposium. 

  • Qi's (currently at TEL) paper was published in the Journal of Applied Physics. Congratulations!

  • Jake and Chenying joined our lab. Welcome!

  • Neil completed his summer internship at IBM Zurich. Welcome back!

  • Siddharth successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!

  • Neil presented his research at the 235th ECS meeting.

Research in our lab lies at the interface of electrochemistry, solid-state physics, material chemistry and advanced spectroscopy. The overarching theme of our work is to understand and control the structure and dynamics of semiconductor/electrolyte interface for energy harvesting and storage.


Semiconductor electrochemistry today plays a vital role in several important technological processes, ranging from energy scavenging by photoelectrochemical solar cells to energy storage by Li-ion batteries.  Improvements in device performance require understanding the physics of semiconductor excitonic transitions and the chemistry of the interfacial processes.  Work in our lab is highly interdisciplinary in nature, and spans fundamental studies of interfacial phenomena, spectroscopic techniques that probe excited state transitions in ultrafast time scale­­­­, synthesis of nanostructures, and fabrication of photoelectrochemical solar cells, electrochromic smart windows and Li-ion batteries.  The various aspects of our work are shown above.

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